Tap into the largest 
TV Platforms in
the world

with an untapped audience 
of over 5 Billion Potential Customers

Connected Television is Here! Countless People are getting life-changing results by utilizing it for their business

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On major platforms like:

Even iOs and Android Devices and More! Without paying for single Ad?

Tap into the 
largest TV Platforms
in the world

with untapped audience of over 
5 Billion Potential Customers

Connected Television is Here! Countless People are getting life-changing results by utilizing it for their business

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On major platforms like:

Even iOs and Android Devices and More! Without paying for single Ad?

Connected TV

What is
Connected TV?

Connected TV also known as online TV refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider.

Smart TVs, Smart Devices, Mobile & Tablet... Connect to the internet and stream TV! People simply create an account, login and watch unlimited  content on their TVs & Devices.

The age of cable TV is dying fast... And Connected (online) Television is HERE, allowing people like you to build a profitable new-age business that is at the peak of the media evolution timeline.

Connected TV

No need for
your own content

We train you how to acquire the good stuff for free! Exactly like
Mark did!

These were his first few days results using OTHER content we showed him how to get online for FREE - YES, FREE!

Mark then went on to report back his channel generated over 70.000 views!

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Before we begin

I want you to know... 90% of the results on this very  page are from people using other people's content!

Without getting on camera... Without owning filming & video equipment...
No need for paying for actors, actresses, film crews... 
None of what you may think you need is actually needed!

We teach you how to get legally usable FREE content to feed your hungry viewers! It takes minutes and is EASY to do!

Now get in front of massive, content hungry audiences!

Thanks to our friends in many of the places we’ve connected with.

Story Internet delivers mass exposure to your content & don’t worry  If you don’t have any… We show you how you can source content for free in minutes like we say.

If you have the content, we here at Story Internet have the technology to help you! Our online-based software is designed by some of the BEST developers in the world...

*Our app suite coders have worked for the likes of AMC - One of their former Roku Developers are on the team! (ever heard of the infamous series “The Walking Dead? That’s right, those guys!) Our Systems are coded by elite developers who have worked on projects that span from “FieldWiz”, which is used in the Olympics to developers working on software projects for companies like Procter & Gamble along with other fortune 500 companies.


It’s important to know, You’re in the right hands!

With Story Internet it’s simple, you access our CMS (Content Management System) and follow a step by step process to build your channels and have your own shows with multiple money-making ways! 

We’ve been around for over 6 years in the television realm and many of you will watch connected tv of some sort.  

You’re actually part of the growth without realizing it perhaps?You may have even watched TV Channels our very own users have created.
When I say we have been around a while…  

We’ve over 2350 channels made by our users who are loving our previous system StoryInternet and over 2000 channels from our
previous versions

TVBoss Fire

We’ve been in the TV game for years now! This isn’t our first rodeo!

Here’s our previous “baby sister” version of StoryInternet, called “TVBoss Fire”

We’re moving onto pastures new with what is the greatest television channel creation suite we’ve seen.

TVBoss has changed lives! But we didn’t want to stop there, we wanted to create the BEST television channel creation suite on the entire PLANET!

Allowing people like you to have a fair opportunity to enter this realm in an affordable and easy to use way!

Are there other TV Channel Creation Suites out there?


Are they as good?


Are they affordable?


We did nearly a year of research and analysis on “competition” and found that people are charging EXTORTIONATE prices for Connected TV Channels.

We’re not talking measly $100’s of dollars for what we’re showing to you…We're TALKING THOUSANDS PER MONTH!. The likes of Muvi which is a similar monster to ours charge HUGE Amounts!

Here’s what Muvi say:  “Our pricing is flat of $399 for any single application (application may be a website, a mobile app, or a TV app) in the Muvi  standard plan."

For example, if you choose the only website, then you have to pay $399 per month.  Similarly, if you select a Mobile App or TV App, then also the monthly price will be $399.

But if you select both Website + Android App, then the price would be $399+$299.

The first subscription (Website) is $399 and the second subscription (Android or iOS App or TV App) is $299 per app per month.

Our charges are very simple, no setup fees, no installation charges, you pay a flat monthly fee. “

In a nutshell, if you were to run what we offer on a similar price model…  
It would be (our estimations due to communication and their
website prices)

$399.00 Standard, Up to $8900.00 per mo.  
along with: $299 per app  

Anywhere from: $3,389.00 up to: $11,890.00 per mo.

And this is ONLY if you wish to have just one channel on each platform!

Can you imagine needing 3 channels on each platform? OR 10 channels on each platform?


There’s a quick way for you to go broke, FAST!

We’re sure you’ve figured it out by now… These companies only cater the big dogs and never the people who want a fair opportunity to thrive.

Our prices after our launch period will increase, but we strive to be more affordable than any platform out there
with our amazing content distribution platforms designed to help people like you!

You’ll find on this very page that we’re VERY REASONABLE in comparison to any of these types of companies…

We're proud to introduce you to

Your Affordable & user friendly, Web Based Online Platform For effective TV channel creation is HERE!

Forget needing coders and a big bank balance to create and deploy your tv channels! Those days are long gone…

Using our system in a matter of minutes you can build a good-to-go channel that spans across multiple networks & devices

Enable your business to charge your customers monthly subscriptions
for content or even just use the platforms to give away free content
for more FREE traffic.

Connected television is the MOST viewed method of television WORLDWIDE and as the millennials grow older, so does the viewership on Connected TV…Antenna TV & Cable TV are old.. It’s very linear, it’s just not useful.. You’re stuck watching what they tell you to watch..

You can’t search, you can't freely watch at your own leisure and cable TV costs a small fortune every month to even get to the good stuff you may want to watch - And even then, you’ve got to be on at a certain time or record it and overload your little cable box with things to watch later.

CTV is a different beast, it’s affordable, it’s easy and as mentioned.. You can watch whatever you like, when you like for a LONG as you like!

Leisure and Affordability are the two reasons why Connected TV has SKYROCKETED!

And RIGHT NOW it's OUR time to CASH IN with it in the process!

Our system builds your channels ground up with your viewers ease
of watching your content in mind.

Check out these stats in 2022!

Connect Yout content to the biggest networks and devices to the maximum global. Reach with live streaming ready tv channels via our content management system

Fill-in-the-blanks inside our system and generate multiple TV channels for multiple benefits and income streams in over ten different arenas with optional live streaming channels and content too.

TV Platforms

Amazon Fire TV

Active Viewers:

and growing

Amazon just recently said that it has now sold more than 150.000.000 Fire TV devices GLOBALLY as it shows off its new plans to push its connected TV platform into more vehicles.

TV Platforms



and growing

As part of its first-quarter 2022 earnings report, Roku revealed that the company added 1.2 million active accounts during the first three months of the year, bringing its global total to 61.3 million active users

TV Platforms

Apple TV

Active Users:

75+ Million and growing

The number of Apple TV paid subscribers amounted to an estimated 25 million as of March 2022. Which is an exciting figure.. However,Additionally, there are around 50 million users worldwide that access the SVOD platform via promotions as the service is available for free for one year with the purchase of new Apple devices.

TV Platforms

Google Chromecast

Active Users:

110+ Million and growing

Google has made it known that there are over 110 million monthly active devices on Android TV OS, including Google TV.

TV Platforms

Android TV's
and Boxes

Active Users:

665+ Million and growing

Over 665+ million households own smart TVs globally, by the end of 2020 (34 percent of global households) which is set to rise to 51 percent by 2026 when Smart TV ownership will reach 1.1 billion homes, a new report has shown.

Smart TVs are the most popular connected TV (CTV) device in the US, finding a home in 59% of households with these devices. Some 30% use Amazon Fire TV’s streaming sticks and boxes, while 28% use those of Roku.

TV Platforms

Android Apps

Active Users:

Over 1 Billion and growing

Android is the most popular operating system in the world, with over 2.5 billion active users spanning over 190 countries

TV Platforms

iOS Apps

Active Users:

Over 1 Billion and growing

There are currently OVER 1 billion iPhones in active use worldwide and growing


Smart TV's


Active Users:


In 2021, LG Electronics accounted for around 18.9 percent of the global television market.

Led by its OLED TV, the global market share of LG Electronics' televisions has slowly increased.

Smart TV's

Samsung TV's

Active Users:

162+ Million

Samsung's Tizen Smart TV’s number of devices using Samsung's Smart TV streaming platform worldwide grew by 21% in 2021.

Research by Strategy Analytics reveals the number of devices in use now stands at 162.3 million.

Smart TV's

Other Brand (Philips)

Active Users:

400+ Million across many others

It’s common knowledge that smart tv’s make up the lion share of television sets, gone are the days of old television sets, the newer smarter tv’s use many operating systems like android, web OS and others… Which we most certainly cater to!


Log in and
get going

This cloud-based software lets you leverage billions of engaged  viewers on almost all of the largest platform in the world with zero tech skills, hassles or outsourcing

Create MULTIPLE income streams including passive profits, recurring payments from advertisers & increased sales of your own products & services … While building targeted lists in ANY niche!


Set up traffic-driving channels from right inside the software …

And get results from OTHER people’s content ... For a sustainable, LEGITIMATE business you can be proud of.

Easy monetization

With few clicks you get to fully monetize your channel with TV advertising. Roku & others will find the advertisers, you just collect the payments.

Better than YouTube in the early days.


It takes 5+ years to establish yourself as the authority and the industry leader... but only WEEKS if you have our own TV channel.


A public TV channel on Roku gets 10,000+ viewers in the first month alone, simply because it’s there – and with no promotion whatsoever.


This is by far the fastest and easier way to build your own faithful audience. Be the star.

Key to unlock all doors

People find it hard to say 'no' to TV channel owners. It's the key to unlocking huge business opportunities.


We’re Moving Forwards,
Are You Coming?

Story Internet is the “Big Sister” of TVBoss Fire, the world-renowned platform which hosts over 2,350 connected television channels -

We are well known for making simple yet effective television channels served only on Roku & Amazon fire for thousands of people to enjoy the benefits and reap the rewards.

Gone are the days where only two types of networks could be dominated, we now are hitting over 12 various places for anyone to tap into and build or enhance ANY business they have.


With our first version in testing back in 2018, it was ASTOUNDING!

In Our First Three Channels Made…  “We somehow found an extra $25,407.03 in the bank!



No uploading the app onto servers or anything techy.

Live streaming

Whether it's a festival, live sports, your hobbies and passions, car shows, real estate showings, travel and tourism content you want to share and MORE, it’s ALL possible.

Fill in the blanks setup

A system designed to avoid confusion by guiding you through what you need to do.

About channel &
watch pages

Made to be compliant with Amazon & Roku along with extra outside traffic potential!

Never alone

We have LIVE 24/7 customer support to help you with your needs

Scheduled posting

Set and forget your channel for long-term channel creation once set up.

Full Step By Step Training

No uploading the app onto servers or anything techy.

Created to support all videos needed 

StoryInternet Supports all video types allowed by all platforms

StoryInternet Family Group 

Rub shoulders, share idea was and connect with the StoryInternet Family members who already have created their own businesses and channels.

TV is big! Bigger than
you may think…

per household there are on average three people watching/streaming at once!

Leverage your current website traffic to generate MORE channel subscribers

Get MORE organic traffic to your websites from search

Drive more sales & commissions from the offers on your site

Create powerful authority status by displaying your on-demand channels to your site visitors

Allowing people to do awesome things like
selling real items


It helps with:

Never ending traffic

Your own never-ending traffic source with BILLIONS of consumers - and counting - from largest streaming platforms on the planet, apps and MORE!

Income without selling

Making ongoing income WITHOUT even selling - just by flipping a switch, earn hands-free profits from advertisers that find you

Banking huge payment

Banking HUGE upfront & ONGOING payments from companies that want their share of online streaming audiences

Building TARGETED lists

Effortlessly building TARGETED lists in any niche - lists you can market to WHENEVER you choose

Selling MORE

Selling MORE of your products & services to a hungry, UNTAPPED market

Connected TV

How Fast Can YOU Get Results?

You can have traffic-driving channels running on 2 leading platforms and even your own websites in less than 24 hours from right now

You can be making automated ad revenue inside of 3 days … and make upfront income from advertisers in even less time

Literally minutes per day is ALL
it’ll take to keep the traffic, leads & profits rolling in - without even creating a SINGLE video!

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Your solution for ongoing traffic & multiple income streams

Jaw-Dropping Results In ANY Niche - WITHOUT:


Paying huge money

For ads, wasting HOURS posting on forums, or STRUGGLING with SEO


Trying to figure out

How to monetize your traffic & content


Begging affiliates

And JV partners to promote your stuff, or sucking up to so-called ‘influencers’


Building & optimizing

Dozens of websites, funnels, optin pages & lead magnets


Wasting Time

Learning complicated skills INSTEAD of simply making money


Scheduled posting

Making videos, writing blogs or creating content


Pouring MORE cash

Into overpriced tools & coaching ‘hoping’ to make a few sales


Spending hours

Fighting for EXPENSIVE attention on overcrowded social networks


Competing with millions

Of other marketers for the exact same audiences

Forget The ‘Hype’ Of Internet Marketing …
This Is REAL … It’s Happening NOW …

Age is just a number:
Generate TRUCKLOADS Of Targeted Traffic From Day ONE:

Effortlessly Build ENGAGED Subscriber Lists In UNTAPPED

Niches Using OTHER People's Content! 228,906 NEW Subscribers On Only THREE Channels:

54,838!!!! Subscribers To Our
NEW Dog Kingdom Channel

Using OTHER People's Content!

36,921!!!! New Leads To Our
Chess School Channel

Using OTHER People's Content!

137,147!!!! Subscribers to Our
Guitar School Channel

Using OTHER People's Content!

StoryInternet Success

How To Win Before
You EVEN Start

Straight off we’ll show you EXACTLY how to find out if your channel will be profitable - before you waste a second on research or sourcing content.

PLUS you’ll see ways to find great ideas for winning channels that attract massive numbers of subscribers and advertisers for ongoing passive revenue.

Simply watch, copy what we show you …
Get amazing results …
Then move to the next module to grow your channels even BIGGER.

With StoryInternet

This is your time

We have some users getting more viewers than even the most POPULAR TV channels on the big networks...

EARLY adopters WILL make the majority of the profits.  As this goes mainstream, profit potential WILL decrease.  It’s simple economics.


So get in now - ahead of everyone else - to set yourself up  for MORE than your fair share of traffic, leads & profits.

With StoryInternet

You get all of the benefits of On-Demand Traffic

Are Yours With NONE Of The Hassles

Have your very own traffic

Have your very own traffic & profit-driving channels running on all ofthe major networks, smart tv’s, mobiles and your personal websites in MINUTES

Monetize from day 1

See how to monetize from DAY 1, then keep the profits rolling long-term - WITHOUT creating a single video or piece of content

No coding required

Absolutely ZERO need for coding, previous experience, or
paying developers

With StoryInternet

See exactly how to crush it with Connected TV

Even if you’ve never made a dime online before

To maximize your results, we’re including our PROVEN tips & shortcuts to get you up and running FAST.

Get tons of new viewers & subscribers INSIDE your 1st week -
Just by copying what we show you.

See how to get 3500 to 10,000 UNIQUE new visitors in
 your very 1st month

Discover how to leverage passive income just by
flipping a switch … AND

Learn how to land high-paying contracts from
advertisers that WANT to work with you!

Here's a secret YouTube doesn’t want you to know…
Youtube vs Online TV



Of all users skip
ads on YouTube


Of mobile users skip
ads on YouTube

Online TV


Viewers are watching the Ads through until the end, with an average completion rate of 98%.

This Points To One Thing:

Connected TV Users

Until now, traffic from these platforms weren’t options for 99.9% of marketers. You had to write & edit code - or pay THOUSANDS to developers …Mess about with tons of different websites & companies…And read dozens of manuals, documents & compliance agreements from all the platforms and 3rd party sites!

Connected TV

Your new venture awaits! Grab
this amazing opportunity right now or lose out

We’re giving you a 30 day money-back  guarantee so it’s risk-free!

Our Pricing Plan





  • Working time 24/7 all
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Superfast wifi





  • Working time 24/7 all
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Superfast wifi





  • Working time 24/7 all
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Superfast wifi