Five Figure Challenge
15 Clients Only, 1 on 1 Interview is a MUST.

Are you lost? No matter how many courses you have followed, how many times you’ve tried you just can’t seem to crack the success you deserve?

Has 2020 been a year you want to sweep under the carpet and forget about it?
There’s no need at all… In fact, it’s time to turn it around!
This has been a year filled with uncertainty and loss for many…
I’ve been thinking about 2020, and how it’s really been bad times for all, in fact… It has been so bad that it’s worked in our favor.

The stats of connected TV are now through the ROOF and people are saving as much money as possible by adopting connected tv devices and subscriptions to avoid costly cable prices.

This is where our advantage lies.

Businesses KNOW they MUST adapt to survive these times, and we know that even more so now that business men and women are looking to showcase their businesses as much as possible.

Even viewing houses and such in these lockdown times has become impossible, people aren’t wanting to leave the safety of their own homes to go shopping for the things they need.

This is where its GO TIME for us!
I’m looking to help 15 and ONLY 15 clients run with me on a challenge to take their businesses to new heights and work to build a five figure a month business and beyond!

We’re going to go from the A-Z of connected tv mastery and channel sales to create a business model that thrives, not just survives times like these.

Business are CRYING out for platforms to display their content, showcase their wares and grab as much traffic as possible.

They just don’t know how!

As you know, I’ve been in the connected TV Realm for nearing FOUR years now, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

From TV channel creation to tv channel advertising and beyond.

I’m looking to help only twenty people do the following for their businesses

  • Establish an online presence, from websites to professional, high quality videos & content made by my design team alongside you with myself and my teams guidance.
  • You will learn ways to ensure your online presence is noticed and plug in traffic strategies from FB to TV Ads.. Paid & Free traffic!
  • We will work on putting together sales strategies to get those sales pumping. Effective unique & attractive sales funnels & lead capture pages & more!
  • Work to ensure you’ve the right team around you when the time comes to grow and support your business needs. (allow my years of previous experience to save you time, effort and money!)
  • I’m going to pull strings with contacts and leverage their platforms and skillsets to ensure that you have an even bigger fighting chance, from learning from successful telesales guru’s & utilizing platforms from personal friends of mine… Google partners, Adzooma.
  • You’re going to have direct contact with me via telephone for when you need assistance, and I am going to work alongside you to build your business right now, and into the future for the next six months.
  • You will also have access to a Virtual Assistant who is going to help you with things that you need to get organized now and in the coming months.

Everything I’m going to be working on with you

Everything I’m going to be working on with you, is engineered to push you to get the results you deserve! AND, if within those six months of working together you do not cross the five figure mark, I am putting a refund guarantee that will secure your money at the end and send it back to you if you do not cross that mark.

for a serious person

Obviously, this is for a serious person who doesn’t want to waste time, wants to put in maximum effort and will take this seriously.

ensure you’re on the right path

Once we embark on this journey together, I want to ensure you’re on the right path, so we will have 1 on 1 calls once a week for the first three months.

ensure you get help

After that, I will still be here to ensure you get the help you need by contacting me any time you like and I’ll strive to reply as quickly as possible.

Again, this is a serious program. True connected TV Mastery that we will run side by side together on to work on getting your business to new heights.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, I will be holding telephone interviews to ensure we’re the right fit to work together and get started early in the new year.

I am only taking on 20 clients, so I don’t overstretch and can help you get to the goals you need.

Contact Me:

To contact me, please email me at

Together With three available time slots you have with the date (between the 21st & the 30th of this month (December)

Your time zone and your phone number and country code.
Example: +1/+44

Now is the time to act, let’s get the end of 2020 ready for a BIG 2021 together.


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