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Connected Television is Here! Countless People are getting life-changing results by utilizing it for their business

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Thank You

Thank you for your trust in not only myself, but the system I’ve developed over the past three years.

You’ve made a wise decision, and it’s my duty to help you all as much as possible.

With Credit Club

These leads me to the following message

The time for connected television is NOW, there’s no time to wait, we’re approaching the peak of the media evolution advancement.

There’s one key way of advancing your:

  •    Reach
  •    Traffic
  •     Authority
  •    Income

Two words… SPIDER’S WEB.
My father from a young boy taught me that developing the “Spider’s Web Effect” is KEY to business potential. The idea is to have one web branching out wide and far to catch as many people as possible to turn into leads & sales.

You (the spider) must have the goal to reach out and catch as many “flies” (customers) as possible. And there’s one key way to do that… Continuous channel creation TO DRIVE TRAFFIC!

Within the training we’ve included in your purchase that we’re gifting to you for being a valued customer, we teach you how to get content FOR FREE! So being able to make television channels on an ongoing basis…
Is SUPER-SIMPLE and MEGA-QUICK to achieve.
You’ve already purchased some credits, but we’re well aware from previous television channel creation tools we’ve created people who excel and want to create MORE and MORE channels.

TV Channels are cool…
But Do You Know What’s Cooler?

TV Network!

Once you achieve your first channel, you’ll  see just how easy it actually is and want to
grow your network beyond the credits you’ve just purchased.

People find our system so simple to use… They churn out countless channels to bring in mass traffic, leads and sales!

Word of Warning

You’ll never have this opportunity after this launch special opening.

The price of each credit will cost $199.00/mo - And this is no false scarcity.

We are celebrating our launch of Story Internet, this is
why the price is so, so affordable - Not just to celebrate,
but it’s for those who take action and get in early!

This leads me to the introduction of the Story Internet Credit Club.

We’re giving you the option to diversify, reach more people by creating your own Network of TV Channels! For only $47.00 you can grab 3 channel credits PER MONTH for as long as you decide!

This means you’re only paying a small amount per month before we increase the price to

This would mean for 3 channel credits in the future it would be $597.00 Per Month! Instead of only $47.00 - Saving you a HUGE $550.00 Per Month. Now is the time to grow your network affordably and quickly to grow your business beyond anyone else.

Bringing your
business more:


Brand Awareness





Take action now to avoid losing out in the future.

We’re giving you a 30 day money-back guarantee so it’s risk-free!